1. Non-Morgan: a good mate has just bought a new Land Rover Discover and was invited to take part in “The Land Rover Experience” and I was delighted to be his guest. Tackling bush tracks to the north of Sydney after two weeks’ rain, I was very impressed by the vehicle’s incredible off road ability. With standard road tyres and out-of-the-showroom set up, the Disco 4 was unbelievable. The clever technology, phenomenal suspension and amazing torque made for effortless climbing, descending, wading and driving through deep deep mud. Some of the angles we tackled were incredible. And it was bloody comfortable whilst doing so.The terrain we covered in the out of the box Disco was the type of thing I have only seen on YouTube clips with nutters in heavily modified 4x4s with huge suspension and hard core mud tyres. This is one very capable and clever vehicle.
    When I arrived I joked that I would like to try a Series 2A, and I still would, but sentiment for old legends aside, Land Rover is by no means relying on its pedigree to sell its new luxury off road cars. This Discover applies amazingly sophisticated systems, chassis rigidity, engine torque and passenger comfort to create a new kind of legend. Certainly it is over engineered for the school run, but if you need a real go anywhere vehicle, I can’t imagine anything more capable.

  2. Non-Morgan: I was lucky enough to go on “The Land Rover Experience” this afternoon. A mate has just bought a new Discovery and so was invited to go along with me as his guest. Tackling the bush tracks to the north of Sydney after a couple of weeks’ rain was a good way to demonstrate the phenomenal capability of the Disco. This was a straight-out-of-the-showroom car with road tyres at road pressure. No modification at all, but bloody hell it was amazing; wading, climbing, descending, deep deep mud and some incredible angles of approach and exit, I was completely amazed at the off road ability and comfort of this machine. Although most live in cities where they seem massively over engineered, if you genuinely need a go-anywhere vehicle, this would be the one.

  3. Non-Morgan: yes indeed it is a small car. Perhaps THE small car.
    I spotted this Mini in the city car park where I leave the family wagon after the school run. I can’t help but feel the owner enjoyed parking it in this particular space.

  4. It doesn’t look much at the moment, but this Fiat two-litre engine will become the basis for my Mog’s conversion to (almost) Plus Four spec. At this stage the plan looks like this; worked head, hardened valve seats, mildly tuned cams, twin side draught Webers, lightened flywheel and extractors. By this time next year my grin should tell the story!

  5. Non-Morgan: what a magnificent GT this is! A 330 Ferrari, and yes, those are the twelve pistons resting on the Weekend Australian. I popped in to visit mechanic friend Tim today and this is his current customer project. I think I have chosen the right fellow to undertake my Mog’s conversion from Fiat 1600 to 2000 twin cam, his love and skill with Italian engines is amazing.

  6. I just saw this sticker on a Toyota in Sydney’s CBD. Hilarious!
    I have occasionally wondered why Australians do this. Any answers out there?

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    I want to drive up this road in my Mog!

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  8. Non Morgan, but definitely the coolest car in Newtown (Sydney) tonight!

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    Terrific shot!

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    Morgan Three Wheeler and Caterham Seven: Brilliant British Flyweights [Chris Harris On Cars]

    They’re small, light, fast and deliver the most singular driving experiences. We take them to some beautiful UK roads and discover why they offer something even the latest hypercars simply cannot match.

    Finally, a present day motoring journalist who can appreciate, enjoy and communicate with infectious good humour, the fun, the value, of a Morgan (and a Caterham in this clip). Hats off to Chris Harris, who unlike Clarkson and co, clearly evaluates the machine and the driving experience in its own context - driving pleasure. He gets what these special cars are all about rather than trying to compare them to a ridiculously expensive super car.
    Well worth a look!