1. I just saw this sticker on a Toyota in Sydney’s CBD. Hilarious!
    I have occasionally wondered why Australians do this. Any answers out there?

  2. gearheadsandmonkeywrenches:


    I want to drive up this road in my Mog!

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  3. Non Morgan, but definitely the coolest car in Newtown (Sydney) tonight!

  4. lavelocita:


    Terrific shot!

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  5. gabeweb:

    Morgan Three Wheeler and Caterham Seven: Brilliant British Flyweights [Chris Harris On Cars]

    They’re small, light, fast and deliver the most singular driving experiences. We take them to some beautiful UK roads and discover why they offer something even the latest hypercars simply cannot match.

    Finally, a present day motoring journalist who can appreciate, enjoy and communicate with infectious good humour, the fun, the value, of a Morgan (and a Caterham in this clip). Hats off to Chris Harris, who unlike Clarkson and co, clearly evaluates the machine and the driving experience in its own context - driving pleasure. He gets what these special cars are all about rather than trying to compare them to a ridiculously expensive super car.
    Well worth a look!

  6. Non-Morgan: I visited the New York Museum of Modern Art today and whilst I think I have gone nearly a whole week without looking at a Classic and Sports Car or MOG magazine, I couldn’t ignore the petrol in my veins when I saw this exhibit; Alan Prost’s Ferrari from many F1 seasons’ past.
    The rest of MOMA is wonderful too with so many greats on display as well as many pieces to make this non-arty type scratch my head and read the adjacent descriptions. Well worth a visit.

  7. Weekend maintenance; time for an oil and filter change. Then I took the Mog for a blast through the Royal National Park, which was terrific. So close to Sydney and yet several degrees cooler and so beautiful.

  8. Before and after some minor mid-week tinkering in the garage with the Mog. I like the cleaner appearance of the clear front indicators and as the factory has done this from time to time, I don’t feel that I’m straying to far from originality.

    Many thanks to Librands for the lens kit.
    Well worth a browse for Morgan owners and fans.

  9. Morgan 4/4 for fun: I caught up with a Morgan mate today who took me for a blast in his 4/4 4 seater (hence the number plate). What a blast it was! The twin carbs snarled as they sucked the air in, the exhaust barked as it blew it out and the car just took off. The growl on deceleration was just as raucous. Having given the car a heart transplant from Ford to Fiat Twin Cam, my friend’s car is amazingly fast for a 4/4. Brilliant.

    Grinning from ear to ear, it was again clear to me that having fun like this is what a Morgan is all about.
  10. This offer just arrived by email from the Morgan Motor Company. Better get you goggles ready….

    The new Morgan Plus 8 Speedster embodies all of Morgan’s core values and has been commissioned as part of a special line of vehicles to celebrate 100 years of vehicle manufacture at Pickersleigh Road.

    The Speedster, the latest evolution of the Plus 8, offers an even more invigorating driving experience inspired by a bygone era of stripped back, road going race cars.

    A 367 bhp 4.8 litre BMW V8 engine and a 6 speed manual or ZF 6 speed automatic gearbox propels the car from 0-62 in 4.2 seconds with a limited top speed of 148 mph. The latest in aluminium chassis developments ensure that its performance and road-holding will match its looks. The Speedster boasts a power to weight ratio to rival any vehicle in its class.

    Following the Morgan tradition, each Speedster comes with a comprehensive list of options to enable every car to be personalised by its owner. Furthermore, every Plus 8 Speedster will sport a series of eccentric styling features only made available on the 100 years celebratory models built during 2014.

    The Speedster enters production this coming June, and the first cars will be available for delivery in the summer. This special edition car will be priced from £69,995 including VAT + OTR costs.

    Production numbers for this truly unique Plus 8 are limited. For all sales or press enquiries, please contact james.gilbert@morgan-motor.co.uk